Mold Removal And Mold Removal Techniques

Here is what you should know about mold removal and mold removal techniques.

If your house will be undergoing mold removal it is good to know what some of the common mold removal techniques are and what their effectiveness is.Black Mold Removal-Mold Removal And Mold Removal Techniques

Since black mold removal can be a very labor-intensive job you will want to make sure your mold remediator is not taking shortcuts and the work is properly done so you have a successful mold remediation.

Before doing any work it is a good idea to get bids from several mold removal companies and compare them.

Make sure you know exactly what mold removal techniques they will be using. Be leery of very low bids or unconventional methods.


What Are The Most Common Mold Removal Techniques?

Sanding or wire brushing has been the standard way of removing mold.

However, it is very slow because every surface in the infected area must be cleaned, vacuumed, and treated with a biocide.

Sandblasting is another “old school” mold removal technique. It is faster than regular sanding and can get in areas that would be hard to reach by sanding or wire brushing.

However, sandblasting is very aggressive and can remove enough surface area that it can weaken a structure.

Clean up is difficult and there is a danger that there could actually be mold spores in the sand being used.

Newer Mold Removal Techniques

Dry ice blasting is one of the newer mold removal techniques and it can be very effective if done right.

Since dry ice is more expensive than sand it will cost more than sandblasting.

The clean-up is critical because like sandblasting it only removes mold from the surface and doesn’t kill it.

Soda blasting uses baking soda instead of sand or dry ice pellets. Once again proper cleanup of the debris is critical to successful mold remediation.

Soda blasting does have the added advantage of removing odors and it is less abrasive. After cleanup surfaces should be sprayed with a biocide.

All of the above mold removal techniques remove mold from the surface mechanically and therefore require thorough clean-up of the debris to be effective.

Other Mold Removal Methods

There are several other mold removal methods that are sometimes used.

These mold removal techniques are fogging, spraying, and using ozone.

These methods may work by themselves but will generally be more effective when combined with other mold remediation methods.

Fogging uses chemicals to actually kill the mold. This is really a method of fumigation.

It is attractive because there is no demolition, no removing belongings and the homeowner only needs to leave for a couple of days. Because there is less labor it is cheaper.

The problem with what looks like a quick easy solution is the dead mold and spores are still in the house.

They are still being inhaled and they are still toxic.

Sometimes simply killing the mold may work temporarily for individuals without mold allergies but no one really knows how long before mold starts growing again.

Using ozone is very similar to fogging. Ozone is a natural product of our environment but is very dangerous in concentrated form.

The EPA does not recommend using ozone for mold remediation for this reason.

However, it can be useful for cleaning up areas where access is difficult or impossible.

You are still faced with a house full of dead mold after the process is complete.

Spraying is another mold removal technique that is sometimes used. It is cheap to do and can be attractive compared to standard mold removal methods.

However, it suffers from the same drawbacks too because it is just a quick fix that leaves the mold behind. However, in a gutted house it can be effective.

Combined Mold Removal Techniques Will Be Most Effective For Successful Mold Remediation

Mold should be removed and not just killed.

Leaving dead mold in place is a health hazard. It is not just live mold that is dangerous and some studies show that mold particulate matter is as bad or even worse than live spores.

The best mold removal techniques will combine mechanical mold removal in combination with spraying or fogging.

Mold Removal And Mold Removal Techniques Final Thoughts

Mold removal is a critical process for ensuring a healthy home environment.

There are a variety of mold removal techniques, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most effective mold removal process will likely involve a combination of several different techniques.

No matter which mold removal methods are used, it is important to thoroughly clean up all debris afterward to prevent future mold growth.