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Black Mold Remediation The Bottom Line

Black Mold Removal-black mold remediation - containment of black moldWhat Is Black Mold Remediation?

Black mold remediation is the process of remedying your mold problem by removing the mold and stopping its damage to your living environment. Sometimes this process is also referred to as mold abatement but they are one and the same.

If you have found black toxic mold or any other type of mold growing in your home it is important to stop its growth and perform a mold cleanup. Equally important to finding mold and getting rid of mold is correcting the moisture problems that caused the mold problem in the first place.

If this is not done, no matter how thorough the job of black mold removal was, the mold will grow back again. This is due to the fact that there will always be some mold spores present and given the right conditions they will grow and multiply.

Generally professional mold remediation is called for when a mold infestation covers an area above 30 square feet or you have multiple areas of mold infection. Also when mold is detected in your HVAC system mold remediation is necessary.

What Are The Steps Involved With Black Mold Remediation?

In order for mold remediation to be successful your mold remediator must carry out certain steps and in a certain order. These steps would apply for diy mold remediation as well for mold remediation companies. It is important for you to be aware of these steps so you can be sure the job is being done correctly.

Mold Assessment – Developing A Black Mold Remediation Plan

The first step in the mold remediation process is a mold assessment that will evaluate the site, determine the extent of the mold damage and develop a plan for mold removal. A good mold remediation plan should include provisions for the following:

  • All sources of water intrusion, condensation and humidity problems must be clearly identified and corrected before mold remediation begins.
  • Determining the extent of the mold damage and the areas affected.
  • Developing a mold removal plan that details how the work will be done

Developing black mold abatement procedures should take into account the following :

  • What will be done with the contents of the home if it is necessary to remove them
  • Will the occupants be able to live in the home during the mold remediation process
  • Will parts of the home need to be demolished
  • Who will repair the demolition work and how long that will take
  • How long the remediation process will take
  • Will there be post remediation mold testing and who will do it

The homeowner should be given a detailed estimate of the blackĀ  mold remediation cost which details the scope of the work to be done and which breaks down which room or area it will be done in.

For your protection it is important to have a provision stating that if your black mold remediation fails the mold test the contractor will fix the problems free of charge to you until the job passes.